Turbocharge your team with sales activity management.

Gain real-time insights into your CRM data. Motivate winning behavior and broadcast anything on TV.

Zoho Motivator

Boost sales and CRM usage while having more fun.

Real Time Insights

Record sales numbers don’t appear overnight. They come from measuring and motivating key sales activities. Real-time dashboards and charts provide actionable insights for understanding and boosting performance.

Drive the right behaviours

Boosting performance goes beyond telling your team what to do and ranking reps on a leaderboard. Encourage your team to perform its best with targets and contests that provide clear goals, real-time feedback, and increased recognition for performance.

Energise the team

In sales, seeing is believing. Sales reps need to see where they stand at a moment’s notice so they can make adjustments and get back on track. Broadcast key KPIs, targets, and contests on TVs around your office and watch your sales grow.